Upon Reflection

Gerdes_fleamarkets74Curated by Stephen Wirtz

December 18 – January 10, 2015

Start the holiday celebrations with the Artists Reception on Thursday, December 18, 6:00 to 8:00. The exhibit will include an Open Portfolio Night with artists presenting work on First Friday, January 2.

Exhibiting Artists:
Anthony J. Hall
Henry Bowles
Rebecca K. Chang
Adrienne Defendi
Anthony Delgado
Christine Federici
Ingeborg Gerdes
Ellen Konar and Steve Goldband
Kirk Thompson
Barbara Kyne
Eric Larson
Tom Lavin
Lee S. Nelson
Nick Winkworth
Ari Salomon

473 25th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Reflection is essential to all seeing, including the ability of the camera to see and capture a moment in time. But reflection itself can take on many shapes and meanings. In this presentation of works selected from the BAPC members, we find reflection represented both literally and figuratively. In some photographs, a portion of the image is duplicated directly, as the mirror-image glint off still water or an anomalous bathroom mirror in a clearly private space. In others, a subtle reflection of a secondary subject sets off a more obvious protagonist in rhythm and symmetry. One photographer uses reflection to call our attention to the duality of natural aging and the commercial treatments of bodies in advertisement. In still other photographs, we see the more psychological aspect of reflection, as in highly personal contemplative portraits where reflection takes place within and the view is invited to wonder how and why. Duplication, symmetry, juxtaposition and contemplation, all are aspects of photographic art we can enjoy upon reflection.

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