An Exhibition of the Bay Area Photographers Collective (BAPC)
Focus Gallery
December 2005

Eric Larson | Art Levit | Angelika Schilli | Kime Smith


Abstract photography departs significantly from representational accuracy and the illusion of recording reality of more traditional, subject-based photography. With abstracts, the photographer focuses on the relationship between shapes, lines, patterns, textures and colors, and not on the depiction of real objects, in order to express his or her vision in a symbolic way. In fact, objects are often undefined and unrecognizable.

This show is inspired by BAPC’s goal to present smaller group exhibitions in which a handful of members get the opportunity to interpret a single but multi-layered theme. The topic “abstractions” was chosen to provide a forum for members, who have explored this subject in depth, to share their individual artistic insights of a complex idea.

In this show, you will find that Art Levit is more interested in texture, pattern, color and rhythm than in the subject’s physical identity, setting, or scale. He aims to convey his own emotional resonance with the image. Eric Larson’s photographs were mostly taken while commuting between locations and explore the relationship between time and space in “still” photographs. Kime Smith’s body of work, “Etudes,” is a disciplined study of the square format, in which the creative composition of lines, shapes and forms comes into focus. Angelika Schilli searches for the light that transforms and transcends the most ordinary things.

With this work, we hope not only to express and share our ideas of abstractions, but to invite viewers to explore their own concepts of abstract photography. BAPC is a nonprofit organization committed to building a community of photographers. Our work ranges from fine art to documentary, color to black and white, traditional darkroom to digital imaging.

Eric Larson

Art Levit

Angelika Schilli

Kime Smith

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