Magnetic Pull

Group Exhibition Curated by Daniel Nevers and Jennifer Brandon.
January 16 – February 20, 2021
Arc Gallery & Studios. 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

BAPC’s exhibition Magnetic Pull opened at Arc Gallery & Studios in San Francisco on January 16. Our curators Daniel Nevers, Executive Director of the Berkeley Art Center, and Jennifer Brandon, artist and teacher, Mills College, introduced the ideas behind their curation and did a walkthrough of the gallery. You may visit the gallery in person, and/or register for our online events below. A video of this event is available to review.

View the Magnetic Pull online catalog here and purchase it here.

BAPC Artists in Conversation with Ann Jastrab
Thursday, January 28th. 7-8PM
Rose Borden
Dan Fenstermacher
Steve Goldband
Ellen Konar
Cindy Stokes
Nick Winkworth

BAPC Artists in Conversation with Meg Shiffler
Tuesday, February 9th. 7-8PM
Anthony Delgado
Gene Dominique
Tom Lavin
Angelika Schilli
Nathalie Strand
Rusty Weston

BAPC Artists in Conversation with Daniel Nevers
Saturday, February 20th. 11AM-12PM
Tamara Danoyan
Richard Dweck
Maria Budner
Mitch Nelles
Steven Raskin
Ari Salomon


Magnetic Pull is a selection of works by members of the Bay Area Photographers Collective (BAPC), a community of photographers who nurture each other’s professional and artistic growth. As curators, we are interested in the support structures artists create to sustain their practices over time – especially in a region that attracts so many artists to live, study, and work.

Collectives are a strategy that particularly intrigue us: The promise of a self-selected community seems almost utopian. Going into this process, we were curious how that kinship might show up in the individual images and bodies of work made by each member. We intuited that some kind of attractive force might be at play, drawing the artists not only to the individual subjects that compel them toward image-making, but to one another as colleagues and co-conspirators. Read more.

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