An Exhibition of the Bay Area Photographers Collective (BAPC)
September 2006
Most group exhibits strive to show work that unites around a single subject or theme. “All Over the Map,” in contrast, seeks to demonstrate the sweeping diversity of talent within the Collective. Some of the photographs are of places we recognize: Paris at night, rural China, the Mojave Desert. Others show us a glimpse of familiarity before the strange and imagined take over: doors opening to spectral rooms, the soft blur of faces and bodies in transit. Coming from where? Going where?

This exhibit presents an exploration of the literal to the symbolic, spanning the spectrum of photographic technology, from platinum to digital. Variety is also reflected in size as well: The smallest image is 2″ x 3,” the largest, 24″ x 55.” Abstracts, close-ups, travel, documentary, interiors, urbanscapes, these images roam the territory between the delicate and intimate and the bold and expansive.

When we want to know where we are headed, we use a map. The images in this show represent landmarks along the individual routes our members have taken.

Bill McClaren

01_BillMcClaren_Eiffe7BFCA.jpg 02_BillMcClaren_Eiffe7BFC9.jpg 02_BillMcClaren_Eiffe7BFC9.jpg

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Lester Weiss

04_LesterWeiss_JoshuaTree.jpg 05_LesterWeiss_Delano.jpg

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Adrienne Defendi


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Charlotte Niel

07_CharlotteNiel_WhereToNow.jpg 08_CharlotteNiel_HiLine.jpg

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Anita White

09_AnitaWhite_Mirror.jpg 10_AnitaWhite_Self.jpg 11_AnitaWhite_Sink.jpg

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Kime Smith

12_KimeSmith_Untitled1.jpg 13_KimeSmith_Untitled2.jpg

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Rebecca Chang

14_RebeccaChang_TimeT7C0E0.jpg 15_RebeccaChang_TimeT7BFDB.jpg

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Art Levit


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Donna Levrault

17_DonnaLevrault_Anza79EC6.jpg 18_DonnaLevrault_Anza7AFC0.jpg

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Charlotte Kay

19_CharlotteKay_BlueG79EB6.jpg 20_CharlotteKay_Where7A02D.jpg 21_CharlotteKay_SoLon79EBB.jpg

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Heather Polley

22_HeatherPolley_OrganStops.jpg 23_HeatherPolley_floo7A01D.jpg 24_HeatherPolley_Lantern.jpg

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Ari Salomon


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Tom De Carlo

27_TomdeCarlo_BagelRecipe.jpg 26_TomdeCarlo_RichterScale.jpg

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Beth Kientzle

28_BethKientzle_Untit7AF62.jpg 29_BethKientzle_Untit7AF54.jpg 30_BethKientzle_Untit7AF58.jpg 31_BethKientzle_Untit7AF5E.jpg 32_BethKientzle_Untit7AF51.jpg

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John Bergholm

33_JohnBergholm_Untit7A078.jpg 34_JohnBergholm_Untit7A074.jpg 35_JohnBergholm_Untit7A067.jpg

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Angelika Schilli

36_AngelikaSchilli_Un7A055.jpg 37_AngelikaSchilli_Un7A062.jpg 38_AngelikaSchilli_Un7A05F.jpg

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Jan Potts

39_JanPotts_AlleyPositano.jpg 40_JanPotts_RioSanBarnaba.jpg

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Deborah D. Lattimore


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Gloria Upchurch


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Eric Larson


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Kirk Thompson


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