Rose Borden in Portals @ PhotoPlace Gallery

Shards by Rose Borden

Rose Borden’s  image Shards has been selected by juror Elizabeth Avedon for exhibition in Portals: Windows, Mirrors, and Doors at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. It will be exhibited in the gallery’s physical exhibition and will be published in the full exhibition catalog. The show will run from November 26 – December 26, 2020.

Richard Dweck in All About Photo : 14 Colors

The Opposite of Drab by Richard Dweck

Juror and editor Sandrine Hermand-Grisel has chosen Richard Dweck’s series My Palette to be published in the next issue of All About Photo Magazine 14 Colors

Gene Dominique in Representation Rising!

This is a a School by Gene Dominique

Gene Dominque is showing work as part of Representation Rising!, a public art exhibition. There is an outdoor opening celebration on Saturday, November 21st from 1 – 3p.m in Oakland

A Public Art Exhibition in Oakland
Opening Celebration
Saturday, November 21
1 – 3 p.m.


Steven Raskin in All About Photo Magazine

Juror Sandrine Hermand-Grisel has selected a portfolio by Steven Raskin for the printed exhibition in All About Photo Magazine #13 Shapes. A dozen images from his drone series Hover will be included. With 2 exceptions, they are all abstract views of dry or drying lakebeds (the exceptions being a couple of related desert land formations). Raskin says I think these environments are transformed by seeing them from above, with scale and context removed, into Rorschach-like patterns.

Ari Salomon @ Artists’ Television Access

Ari Salomon has a couple of panoramas in this window display and online auction benefiting the Coalition on Homelessness.

  • on view at Artists’ Television Access
  • 992 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (map)
  • From 10/1 to 10/8 this sprawling event will display auction items in multiple locations in SF’s Mission District, open for viewing the entire week. The interactive map with all locations can be found here. You will have the chance to see featured artwork in person, with all art available to bid on virtually.

Rose Borden @ Black Box Gallery

Rose has been curated into the exhibition Dynamic: Shadow and Light at Black Box Gallery in Portland. Lines in the Sun has been selected to be exhibited in the On-Line Annex gallery and will be published in the full exhibition catalog. 

The exhibition will run from October 1 – 20, 2020.

Gene Dominique in Black & White Magazine

Jeopardy by Gene Dominique

Gene’s image Jeopardy has been selected by Black & White Magazine as a Single Image Winner in the MINDSCAPE/SURREALISM category. The image is featured in issue 142, December 2020.

The magazine published this statement in support of the image.

When creating conceptual silhouettes, simplicity, space and geometry combined with storytelling are essential components for me. Fear and foreboding are the feelings I wanted to convey in Jeopardy. The inevitability of the next moment is palpable, and the end game is clear. How and where it will end are in little dispute. I love creating images like this that tell a story with tension, action and drama. Around my studio are myriad sources of inspiration, including woodcuts and antique illustrations. These, and in particular the work of the artist Kara Walker, were the source material for this image.

by Gene Dominique

Goldband/Konar @ CPA International Juried Exhibition

In Justice by Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar

Juror Aline Smithson has selected Ellen Konar and Steve Goldband’s image In Justice for the online gallery in the 2020 Center for Photographic Arts International Juried Exhibition. The show runs from November 14 to December 20, 2020 at the gallery in Carmel, CA., with a virtual reception on November 14.

Linda Fitch in Black and White Magazine

Linda’s image “Kato River” has been honored with publication in the December 2020 Issue of Black and White. It was a winner in the Pinhole / Plastic Camera competition.

Anthony Delgado @ Pollux Gala Awards

Anthony Delgado has received an Honorable Mention in the 15th Pollux Gala Awards for Still Life singles.

Nick Winkworth @ A Smith Gallery

Nick Winkworth Geometry of Summer

Juror Richard McCabe has chosen Nick Winkworth’s image Geometry of Summer for inclusion in the exhibition “Light” at the A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas. Exhibition dates are October 2 to November 15, 2020 (viewing by appointment, due to Covid-19 restrictions). Reception is October 31, 2020 4PM CST on Facebook LIve.

Ken Hoffman @ Praxis Gallery

Waterholes Canyon 2 by Ken Hoffman

Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, will exhibit Ken’s photograph, Waterholes Canyon 2 as part of an international juried photography exhibition entitled The Shape of Things. The exhibition will run from October 24 through November 16, 2000.