Denise Tarantino

Denise Tarantino has traveled throughout the United States during much of her career in marketing technology. Her assignments frequently take her to rural locations where her photography serves as the perfect companion. Tarantino considers these journeys as expeditions—opportunities to uncover local history and culture and to discover the hidden treasures she calls “roadside cache.”

Born with a serious bone condition—osteogenesis imperfecta—Tarantino was often excluded from physical activities and developed what she calls her “observer’s lens,” an ability to identify nuances and humor in places and circumstances that are often overlooked. Tarantino believes this same well-trained eye has served her well in her approach to photography. Roadside America features selections from Tarantino’s travels—discoveries made among the unusual objects and forgotten places along the nation’s rural byways.

Denise Tarantino obtained a BFA in Design and Photography from Kutztown University and continued her photographic studies at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York. Tarantino’s work is exhibited internationally and has earned awards from publications, galleries, and museums throughout North America. Most recently, Tarantino was named one of the top 100 emerging fine art photographers of 2016 by Photographer’s Forum, a quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography.