Another review of our Mina Dresden Gallery Exhibition

This is another review of our current exhibition. Read the full review.

Events: April 10, 2010
This listing includes reviews of: Catharine Clark, Mina Dresden, Michael Rosenthal, Root Division, Eleanor Harwood, Guerrero, Parisoma, Warehouse Gallery (Oakland).

Adrienne Defendi @RayKo Photo Center

Adrienne Defendi participates in RayKo’s 3rd Annual Juried Pinhole Camera Show, 428 Third Street, San Francisco. Opening Reception: Sunday, April 25, 4-6pm.

Adrienne Defendi @Castell Photo Gallery

Adrienne Defendi exhibits three images in The Lensless Image: A Juried Exhibition of Lensless Photography, at Castell Photography, Asheville, NC. Opening reception: April 29th, 5-8pm.

Prevalence of Photography

Making a print is physical and requires making difficult choices

Synthetic Environments: Bay Area Photographers Collective at the Mina Dresden Gallery

This is a review of our current exhibition. Read the full review at SF

The exhibit is titled Synthetic Environments. If nature is the thesis and culture its antithesis, the work here approaches post-millennial landscape photography as synthesis.

Bulldozers, garbage, graffiti, murals, shopping carts, and other urban detritus share photographic space with greenery and sky. The latter barely peek through. These traditional signifiers of landscape genre disappear under the manufactured gloss of environment.

Most of the artists in this exhibit tackle aspects of urban and suburban environments. Alan George’s placid shoppers casually enter the jaws of the consuming beast. Jonah, meet Jaws. It is really nothing more than the gaping front entrance of an outlet called “Souvenir City” inexplicably configured to resemble the open mouth of  a man-eating shark. The pastel off-the-rack outfits of the bait-like customers matches the hues of the bizarre building making them look even more like sugary snacks for the plaster monster. The stars and stripes wave in the breeze atop the fishy building…as does the jolly roger. Heave Ho!

via Synthetic Environments: Bay Area Photographers Collective at the Mina Dresden Gallery.

Erin Malone @Minneapolis Photo Center

Erin Malone will participate in the juried exhibition, Landscape Unfeigned or Illusory at the Minneapolis Photo Center, 2400 North Second Street, Minneapolis, MN. Opening Reception: 23 April 2010 7:00-10:00pm.

BAPC Members Peer Review

BAPC Members Peer Review at Rayko. Members Only.

BAPC Members Peer Review

BAPC Members Peer Review at Rayko. Members Only.

Adrienne Defendi and Angelika Schilli @Vermont Photography Workplace

Adrienne Defendi and Angelika Schilli will be participating in the Nostalgia show at the Vermont Photo Place Gallery, 3 Park Street in Middlebury, Vermont. Artists Reception is April 9th, 5-7 pm

Eric Larson @SOMA Open Studios

Eric Larson is participating in the SOMA Open Studios at the ARC Studios and Gallery, 1246 Folsom at 9th St. The artist’s reception is 7-10pm April 16th.

BAPC Members Guest Review

Photographer, Susannah Hayes is scheduled as a guest reviewer.
Irene Imfield’s Oakland studio. Members only

Black & White Spider Awards

Black and White Spider Awards is open to professional and amateur photographers shooting in all forms of black and white photography using traditional or digital methods.  We encourage classic styles, new creative ideas and photographers who are driven by their artistic eye and a desire to excel in this classic art form.

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